Energy Blocks Around Money

Energy Blocks Around Money

Blocks around Money. I don't know that I have felt blocked continuously......But I can identify flow states & states of stagnant money flow. Seeing money as an energy rather than a physical thing helps me not label its coming and goings as negative. The concept of energy is easy for me to flows, vibrates and is attracted to matching energy vibrations. All things on a molecular level are mostly empty space.......which is energy and money is included in that. Old beliefs around money:

I have to work really hard, too hard, to earn any large amount of money.

I would have to work long hours and many days a week and be away from my family to make large amounts of money. 

If I made lots of money then I would be working so much that I wouldn't have time to enjoy said money.

Its selfish to want to make lots of money and people would judge me. 

Who am I to deserve lots of money? I am nobody and I don't need to be somebody. Therefore to be somebody is the only way to make lots of money.

Wow wow wow wow....I haven't written down limiting beliefs around money in a few years. I love that these all make me cringe now. I can still feel a little pull towards some of them.....however, for the most part I can feel my insides screaming, "..that isn't true!". What are you limiting beliefs? Can you be honest with yourself and how does that feel?

Truth: Money flows to those who love it, Respect it, honor it, have no judgments & match its vibration. 

Money doesn't solve problems it doesn't create gives you more access to solutions for the problems that all HUMANS experience regardless of financial status. 

An abundance of money allows you to make choices that are in alignment with who you are & who you want to be. An abundance of money allows you to make decisions from a place of alignment....rather than making a forced choice. Money can give you the opportunity to choose things that bring you joy. When we are making life decisions from a place of alignment & peace then we are truly living from a place of sovereignty. Then our talents, desires, gifts, healing & creations in this life time can SHINE.

You are so loved!


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Love this! I love the practice of voicing untruths. I haven’t done that. It’s powerful.

Margarey Valdez

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