Feeling Like An Imposter

Feeling Like An Imposter

Buzzing feelings & thoughts on how I am meant for more. Desiring the next step to happen now but knowing that I am still in the gestation of this transformation. Ooooooh but the pull to break free, to lift the veil. Fears creeping in to keep me small. The Ego screaming that I cant handle it.....even when my heart whispers, "we will make a way". An imposter the ego screams! You will be found out. My inner voice quietly assuring me of my divine birth right to bring beauty & healing to this world.

Abundance always follows presence, Presence follows stillness, Stillness follows the breath.

I have the ability to heal, to facilitate healing, to bring beauty & hope. I can free myself & others of their Mind. I have the ability to inspire, encourage & raise the vibrations. It is my purpose to live up to my fullest potential...It is my destiny to release the ego, release the fears that live on this mortal plane. All of those fears, anxiety & suffering live in a 3 dimensional reality. I am eternal & infinite....and not bound by suffering. I cannot be defined by those mortal fears. My truest self is love. My truest self (soul) is immortal. In the immortal plane anything that isn't love falls away and with it suffering.



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