When we are in tune with the non-physical we begin to see little signs (winks from the universe) manifest in physical reality.


When we are in tune with the non-physical  we begin to see little signs (winks from the universe) manifest in physical reality.

Yesterday I took a walk in the woods. I knew I needed it. I had been passing my favorited wooded spot for weeks on my commute. My mind would always tell a story that I didn’t have enough time or the right shoes on. But my inner being knew that I needed to be there. I love that when we are in tune with the non-physical  we begin to see little signs (winks from the universe)manifest in physical reality. Confirmation we are exactly where we need to be in that moment of time.

As I sat in the woods….like a baby deer in the grass. I began to hear the noises in the woods that I had not noticed before. The fall leaves breaking free and their crinkly flight to under brush. I could hear squirrels chattering & holding conversations in the trees. Lizards jumping from leaf to leave swallowing up bugs in flight. Golden spider shimmering in the sun delicately wrapping up its future feast. Coots out on the water laughing at the turtles coming up for air. A bird landing next to me chattering away. Did she see me as her equal and not something to fear? Oh I love these woods. In nature everything drops away. Society, rules, governments & mental stories. We think the wilderness as a sanctuary for animals….but its just as much one for us. All things that matter can be found in the woods. The meaning of life, our breath, our inner beingness, connection, peace, play. So many things. Pictures of yesterday are in my stories.

The gift from the universe that was dropped into my mind yesterday: Most of our problems don’t exist. Like literally they don’t exist outside of our mind. If you can't explain your problem to an animal in a way that it could relate….then your problem is probably not a problem at all. Its just a mental story. Your mind is having trouble right now even digesting that. I encourage you to look deep…go beyond the mind. Mental stories are the source of all suffering. How we feel about the problem & all the injustices in our life IS THE ROOT of the problem. We keep trying to put out ‘fires’ with the mind…..but the mind is the ONE who is STARTING the damn fires. Suffering and problems end when the stories you tell yourself about the problem end. This works for EVERYTHING and I do mean everything. Doesn’t make it easy…I know, the mind loves to have commentary on everything thing we do, say or feel.

In moments where you have some awareness that the mind is setting a fire, simply stop. Breath in and out, tuck your chin closer to your heart & ask ‘How can I feel differently about this______?’ Sit and wait for your truth to whisper back to you.


Inga Kervin

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