Im literally talking & writing to the deepest part of myself & she offers me the clearest deepest & truest words I have ever spoken. Do I know that this sounds crazy?

As I'm going deeper & deeper into my internal world, I am connecting the links between limiting beliefs & my behaviors. I can see now how my perception of my reality in the past has created the future I am in now. Layers & layers of adopted beliefs from parents, limiting beliefs from myself & unnecessary stories around everything. Like the layers of an onion…I am peeling off the parts that I don’t want to eat anymore.

This inner voice work is the most amazing tool I have ever come across. Years of ‘talk therapy’ could not have gotten me to where I am now. Im so thankful for the books, podcasts & spiritual leaders that have resonated so deeply. I am so thankful that we all have an inner compass…an inner being…inner voice that holds space for us. The inner voice is always in peace & a re-assuring calm. We all have an inner being. We are all made up of two parts: physical & non-physical. This inner voice work is merging the two parts of ourselves for alignment. Writing to my inner voice has become this beautiful dance. Im literally talking & writing to the deepest part of myself & she offers me the clearest deepest & truest words I have ever spoken. Do I know that this sounds crazy? Yes, my ego reminds me daily that only ‘crazy’ people talk to themselves.

This time next year I will be helping hundreds of thousands of people connect to their inner voice. I want to normalize trusting the intuition & inner being within each human. I want to minimize the ego…use it only for ‘action’. I want to share my journey & help lead people into their most aligned life & passion. Life is limitless & effortless. Just like nature…we grow, we bloom, we die & we become reborn. There is no opposite to death. Just re-birth. There can and will always be enough time to grow & manifest the life that you want. It is never too late to change (only the ego says this). I can only imagine how wonderful everything would be if they taught ‘alignment’ & ‘inner voice’ work on a mainstream level….like to our kids & college. It would change the trajectory of so many peoples lives. The Collective evolution would have momentum like never before. I am so excited and inspired to share, help, teach, cultivate & facilitate this work for the rest of my life. This is my life. My life is aligned. Alignment above all else so that I may have the biggest impact on the world.

Question(mind/ego)- How will I know how to make the biggest impact on the world with this work?

Inner Voice- focusing on your own alignment + your desires will bring you into the path of impact. Follow the signs & the experiences that feel good. Let your emotions guide you. If something feels bad….step back. Slow down & know that there is no set timeline for all that you want. Only take action when you are inspired. Trust that when you take action without inspiration….then you are working too hard upstream. Follow the flow down stream. Chase things that resonate. Only action in Joy. Trust that this will take you where you want to go. Do not measure time. Do not measure your age. Those are ego things. Stay in your present alignment. This will bring you to your next action.




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