It was not intended for us to create through action....It was intended for us to create through thought. <-----This was a HUGE for me. WOW WOW

It was not intended for us to create through action....It was intended for us to create through thought. <-----This was a HUGE for me. WOW WOW

I'm well versed in self-help, Taoism, Epigentics, esoteric ideas, metaphysics, manifestation & anything E.Tolle. However until last night I had not read anything with Abraham Hicks. 

As I was reading I received a visual download. A diagram of sorts on what the construct of the 'universe' looks like. I will get this drawn out for you in another post. Its really interesting to see how my mind interpreted the information & organized it. * I will work on this drawing tomorrow

Here are some of my lengthy notes on the first few chapters: Enjoy!

Law of Attraction (Most powerful law on earth): Law of creation is what brings EVERYTHING we have in our reality. What you think about you will invite into your reality. That includes things you don't want. Law of attraction happens with you consciously or unconsciously, it doesn't matter. This is called creation by default-That which you give thought to, you invite into your experience. There are no exceptions to this law. 

Thought + Emotion = Launches the creation/desire/manifestation into at future point in time. When you are taking action that is in joy....these actions lead you with ease to your intended creation/desire/manifestation.

Follow what brings you joy & therefore inspires action in joy & you will be led to your purpose & limitations, infinite. 

If you follow what feels like joy & right action in the NOW it will take you to that FUTURE point in time that has holds your dream/desire/creation. That is how law of attraction works. What feels good to our soul is the action needed to take us to our dream life.

Action not in joy is just a compensating action in the now (doesn't feel good and not aligned) There are only 2 emotions. Ones that feel good & ones that don't. 

It was not intended for us to create through action....It was intended for us to create through thought. <-----This was a HUGE aha for me. WOW WOW

Taking action in the NOW that does not bring you JOY will not take you to the future point in time that holds your creation/desire/manifestation. 

*Are ya'll loving this stuff??? I had so many paradigm shifts while reading, writing notes & now transcribing for you.

After taking these notes I decided to ask my inner voice some questions....

Question (mind): What does it mean to take action in JOY?

Inner Voice: To take action in joy is to be connected to a state of being that is deep with wisdom, knowing, play & certainty. Its a pull felt in the heart that leads you one step further into your realized a trail of breadcrumbs positive emotions , joy, lead you with ease. Not forced. Not hard. Almost too easy (says the mind). Ego would like for us to believe its hard. Is truly knowing what you want hard? No, but the interim can be where you find the struggle. But action taken in joy or positive emotion is the ease that takes you to the next experience that leads you to the dream/desired outcome. Inspired action. 

Question (mind): Why does it feel confusing to know what the 'inspired action' is? And do I miss out forever when I don't take the action?

Inner Voice: The mind feels confused. The part of you that is not in the physical form knows what right action in joy looks/feels like. The mind sets limitations, fears, anxieties, expectations & limiting beliefs in front of you that cause all the confusion. Take these away, which is the purest part of you & the path becomes clear. When one opportunity is missed because of the confusion of the mind.....the universe creates another opportunity as long as your thoughts + emotions are aligned with what you want to manifest. This creates a new path/opportunity to take action in joy. 


You are so loved!

The "U"

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