Manifesting $3333 & My Friday Intentions

Manifesting $3333 & My Friday Intentions

 Fridays are always busy & can be a source of fatigue & burn-out. Today I will slow down in the busyness.When I slow down my processes & take care in the moment, right action always meets me with ease. Flow into conversations, flow into intentions, flow into my goals behind the chair, flow into co-creation with my guests. 

(August/September personal goal) The workshop that my heart desires to take is $3333. My intuition is affirming that this is a workshop will be a catalyst for even more growth & learning. It will Up Level my life in a way I never knew possible.... I want to manifest the $3333 to take this workshop.

Today's affirmations in manifestation: I will continue to manifest abundance in all areas of my life. Abundance is all around me & begging for my intention/attention. I am worthy of all things I desire....just being born gave me this 'right'. Abundance is as infinite as love. Abundance is always available to me & awaits me at every turn. I am calling to the abundance in the energy field to my matching vibration. Hear my call...I am aligning to receive. I am aligned to my purpose.

In alignment I will experience the highest level of freedom to create the highest level of impact in the world. Abundance offers me that freedom so that I can align myself to my bigger purpose &  impact on the world.

You are so loved!


The "U"

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