Manifesting The Stressful Most Dreaded Day Of The Week

Manifesting The Stressful Most Dreaded Day Of The Week

Manifesting The Stressful Most Dreaded Day Of The Week

Today is a long day. I will be away from my home for about 14 hours. My mind likes to make stories around these long days:

 Oh your going to be so tired, your back is gonna be so sore, it will take you a whole day off to recover, your gonna be hungry all day, make sure to take snacks, drink your water, Your gonna need lots of coffee, Your gonna be drained socially, you have to be 100% because you have a lot of clients & coworkers depending on you, You need to be everything for everyone today & on time, you have to be on time. Keep your number goals in mind or this long day won’t even be worth the pain. <---- Wow this not a way to start a day in alignment and flow. In fact I am Manifesting The Stressful Most Dreaded Day Of The Week

 If I'm projecting all these things on my day that hasn’t even begun yet, then I'm most certainly manifesting with Law Of Attraction for my day to go exactly as listed. I will be exhausted, drained, anxious, dehydrated & hungry by the time I get home tonight. I feel like we are so automatic at times that we don’t stop to see that we are setting ourselves up for suffering. Being in flow & alignment doesn’t mean quit the job or make some major life change (unless you know this is the best path for you) Its about finding PEACE & happy where you are right not in this MOMENT. Not a future moment. Law Of Attraction is a gift. It gives us the ability to attract whatever outcome we want. Our mind is so freaking powerful. Our mind is ACTUALLY what shapes our reality....because our reality is really just our perception of each moment in time. No two people experience the same reality. Every person is unique, creating their own world within a world. That is what is in our control. Here is my morning projection re-written with awareness that I can make this day what I want it to be:

Today I will be present in each moment, enjoy every client & conversation. I will find ways to bring love, clarity & peace to those around me. I will drink water as I feel thirsty & eat handfuls of walnuts in between guests. I will stretch when I feel my lower back getting tight….in fact I will take a 5 minute walk outside to recharge my “battery” feeling the beautiful warm sunshine on my face & maybe even catching a glimpse of the resident hummingbird that drinks from the flowers in the back. I will make my rounds asking my beautiful coworkers if there is anything that I can help them with. I will happily burst into song and dance on my way between the rooms of the salon. I will create magic behind the chair and know that every guest was seen & heard with love. At the end of my day I will thank this little house that I get to work in. I will sanitize and clean its floors & surfaces. I will enjoy a quiet ride home & look for the moon then snuggle my sweet Judd into bed. I will know at the end of the day that I spent my time in a way that served others but also honored my flow & alignment.

Find the beauty in the day. Take in each moment with the question…What is universe flowing to me right now & how can I make this more fun?

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