Time was my master…it told me when to eat, when to wake up, when to go to work, when to come home…

Time was my master…it told me when to eat, when to wake up, when to go to work, when to come home…

I suffered from anxiety over ‘Time’ for YEARS. It would keep me up at night because of counting the hours & constantly looking at a clock. I became obsessive, losing sleep & always feeling the lack of it. I felt like a slave to it. Time was my master…it told me when to eat, when to wake up, when to go to work, when to come home…I found myself always checking on it, looking at it, counting it & angry at it. I knew it was a problem and decided to do something about it….this was one season of my spiritual journey. This was 2008. I had, had enough suffering from my perception of time. I decided to not keep a clock in my house, bedroom or wear a watch. I even set all the electronic clocks to an hour later (my car, stove) so that I was always pleasantly surprised. Which was silly when I look back on it.......but it gave me comfort at the time. This ‘detox’ of time in my life was the beginning of a new relationship with the mind/ego concept of ‘time’. I began to relax.  In fact I had so much more ‘time’ on my hands when my mental space wasn’t crowded with anxiety. I even started to have days…and still do….where I have no clue what time it is. <--------This is one of the biggest freedom ‘highs’ you can get. Can you imagine if you lived your entire life with no concept of time?? Without ‘time’ we could fluidly flow in & out of mental states with no labeling ‘past’ or ‘future’. Everything and I mean everything would become in the the NOW. With no differentiation. We would be free. Your immediate thought after reading those words, may be, “are you crazy? Moments would just run together & there would be chaos”. But would there be? Can you really know that? Animals seem to get along just fine without looking at a clock.  

Here is what I believe to be true:

Time is Mind/Ego. Mind/ego needed to measure the past & future to make it physical in our reality, then we physically experience time.

Time is an illusion. It is has a perceived beginning & end. Therefore it cannot be truth. Because truth is infinite & eternal.

Our non-physical self experiences timelessness. Our non-physical inner being is infinite & eternal....It in and of itself is timeless...having no before or after. Having no past or future. 

How can I live in “Timelessness” in my life? <----my personal goal

Alignment (inner being) + Action taken in Joy=Timeless dimension of life.

When I am in alignment, choosing things that make me feel good, I can then take action in my life with Joy & ease creating a dimension where time does not exist. This is when manifesting the life of your dreams happens. This is the dimension where all things are possible & you can literally have any life that you desire. Everything is happening in the NOW.....Which means all possibilities are alive in the NOW.

 Time isn’t real. The mind/ego created ‘time’. Time cannot be seen. It is not a living breathing entity. It is not always slipping away….or ‘waits for no one’ as consciousness states. Time is experienced by a thought/emotion rooted in ego/mind. Then labeled as a point of reference marking a 'before or an 'after'. Time does not exist in the now. Time is a mind/ego made construct. Time is an illusion. We created ways to measure time, keep the time, follow the time, live by time, work by time…run society by time. We have all fallen under the veil of  illusion because of mass consciousness making agreements to false beliefs that we then teach to generations. Then when humanity as a whole believes then it becomes a ‘law’ of this physical reality. 




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