Today is free. Freeing & free.

 Today is free. Freeing & free. Oh all the beautiful things I love. So many ways to be free & live today. I love this human experience and all the experiences I receive into my reality.
I trust in the universe. I trust that all I see  and all that my mind wants to label good or bad is FOR me. Gratitude for the things that bring up resistance & fear. For resistance is what activates my internal compass. Directing me where to go with my life.
I am thankful to you. You the universe. Thank you for the people you have brought into my life as my teachers. The people you have brought to me have grown me, taught me so much.
Universe I am so thankful for all the magic you have flowed in my life. Thank you for sending me things that my limited mind could have never dreamed up.
I know the mind in me can become cynical, frustrated, irritated & apathetic. But this is only because the ego & the ‘I am’ fears its extinction. I will integrate in this life. I am integrating in this life. 

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