The ANGER trifecta. Hot. Hungry. Hurried.

The ANGER trifecta. Hot. Hungry. Hurried.

South Texas Heat

The ANGER trifecta: Hot, Hungry, Hurried

I found myself in a state of irritation, anger, and negativity while running errands today.  I was out and about in this South Texas heat, hungry & hurried like I had only 5 minutes to get my whole life done.  Everything was going wrong. Traffic, traffic lights, the seat belt, out of gas, strangers, lines at the stores, not having what I need, going to 3 different places for 1 get the idea.  I found myself red faced & lashing out at a complete stranger who was trying to help me. (I was in obvious need of help) I literally had to put myself in time out. No more doing ANYTHING until you slow down, cool down, eat & take a nap! RESET! I'm actually thankful for these days. The days I am triggered, bothered, irritated, unsatisfied. I don't have many of these days anymore. Very rarely actually. But they are a reminder of why I do this work... 

I used to live in perpetual dissatisfaction, discomfort, fear, sadness, bitterness, frustration. I even used to have violent outbursts of pure frustration & anger. Before I mastered my Alignment, I was a constant victim. My own worst enemy. It was like I was combusting from the inside. A Trojan horse of dysfunction & fear waiting to spew into the world.  Alignment has brought me the gift of regulating my emotions, regulating my thoughts & generating action that manifests the life I have dreamed of.  Freedom, love, compassion, patience...have all become my natural state 98% of the time.

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-Inga Kervin

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