What To Do If You Can't Take A Vacation.

What To Do If You Can't Take A Vacation.

What to do if you can’t take a vacation.

What to do

 if you can’t take a vacation.

I love this question. Let me show you how I arrived here writing about this particular subject. 

I have a strong desire to live in Colorado. My family and I  tend to visit 3-4 times a year. We are in awe and in love with the vibrations there. The whole of it. It resonates deeply and we know we want to be there. It is something that I am currently manifesting. If you would like to know how I am going about that and what I do each day, go read about it here: how to manifest without knowing the how. 

This blog post was birthed through my desire to feel close to the feeling I get in Colorado. I know that each one of you will benefit from it as well.

 First let’s explore what the vibration that vacation brings you into. A planned vacation or even a spontaneous trip brings you into a vibration of excitement and anticipation. You mentally become the vibration of what you are desiring just by way of visualizing, planning, fantasizing and dreaming about how restful, fun, adventurous or peaceful it will be. AND THIS FEELS GOOD.

 In everything that you want. EVERYTHING you desire. You are not wanting the thing, you are wanting the feeling that the thing will bring into your life. 

For example, a vacation, yes it is wonderful to have the experiences, to shop, to see the things, to buy the trinkets, to explore a new town, to see the art and architecture, to see the land…...BUT what you are really enjoying is THE FEELING that those things bring. This is why vacations are so wonderful. They reconnect you with YOUR own power to feel good.

 Vacations bring peace, rest, excitement, inspiration, awe, beauty, adventure, spontaneity and a broader perspective. If it's a really good vacation, which just means that you are able to be present (not thinking about work, home, people left behind, your house, ect..) then you feel good for a bit even when you come back to ‘reality’. 

This is the point in this blog post where I would normally get ranty about how this feeling is always within. You are the creator and generator of this feeling. You need nothing externally to bring you into this vibration. Yada yada… Although I do believe this to be true and it is a FACT that you can feel all of the things you desire without a vacation.

 I recognize this is ninja level stuff. Ninja level alignment mastery. 

What I want to guide you to is how to conjure up these same desired feelings that an actual vacation would bring you, right here in your current city (and surrounding cities).

 What to do if you can’t take a vacation. 

This is an eye opening expansive experience if you will surrender and allow it to be. Keyword surrender. Don't roll your eyes. If you desire the relief, the peace, the adventure, the awe, exploration, curiosity and depth that a vacation can bring. Then surrender to the following.

 Get your pen & paper ready. Go ahead, pop your knuckles and get ready to surrender to the following questions.

 How much do I know about where I live? 

What are some things I find interesting?

 Is there history here that is worth exploring? 

Am I curious about the native trees, plants & grasses? 

What animals are native to this area? 

What brought people to this town in the 1800’s. What might their lives have been like? 

How old is the oldest building? 

Are there any endangered species in my area? 

What invasive animals or plants are in the area and how did they arrive here? 

Are there monuments or historical sites that I haven’t been to? 

Have I explored all the trails, parks, preserves, state lands and museums in my city?

 Where is the most beautiful place in my city? 

Would I like to find it? 

Are there farmer’s markets or local markets in my area? 

When was the last time you went to a community event? 

Community festival or fair?

 How can you look at your area with new eyes? 

What if you went on a photographic tour of your town?

 Using your camera as a way to see it with different eyes?

 What if you fed the ducks and turtles at every park.

 What if you documented the oldest trees and homesites?

 What if you shop local in your downtown area? 

What if you went on a food tour?

 What if you went and experienced the night life at some of the seediest bars in town?

 What if you spoke with locals, struck up conversations and heard stories?

 What if you surrendered to this process and each day after work or on the weekends experienced something new to you about your city? 

What if this sparked in you a feeling of connectedness, adventure, curiosity, joy, new perspective, new love for your community, contentment, fulfillment, satisfaction, meaningfulness? 

What if this gave your kids, spouse or friends the feeling of connectedness too? 

What if you brought them along on this adventure?

 What if you stargazed somewhere in your city or outside of your city?

 What if you sat on a rooftop, a mountain, a hill, a platform at night and sat in appreciation. What if you went on a full moon midnight bike ride? 

What if everything you have ever wanted by way of feeling good is right here right now, just waiting for you to wake up to it? 

I LOVE YOU. I want you to feel into all of this. I want you to feel inspired, satisfied and know that you are the CREATOR of your own reality. You have the power to create worlds. Vacations are wonderful. And STAYcations are just as powerful.

 As always I am rooting for you.

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Inga Kervin

Yourube channel
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