My Story: When You Are Lost In The Darkness Of Your Own Limitations.

  When Your Lost In The Darkness Of Your Own Limitations.

Every since I was little, I felt I have a purpose. A strong feeling of something I needed to do or search for. As I grew up I had a lot of 'real fun' ways of making my life harder...a lot harder.

I ended up with with toxic behaviors, addictions & a trail of dysfunction. 

I got myself into financial troubles, abusive relationships, self-sabotaging behaviors & estrangement from family.

I was totally disconnected from that feeling I felt when I was little. I was living life on the surface with no connection of who I really was. 


One day I just decided to start reading again (something I hadn't done since I was 14) I cant even tell you what the first book was. If I had to guess, I would say something by Eckhart Tolle.

I became obsessed. I found a space of peace & deep wisdom. I began to reconnect to my truth.

The truth that I am worthy of love & I am worthy of the life of my dreams. 

I read book after book, listened to podcasts & signed up for online classes. 

Soon my life began to transform into a life I am proud of. I found more peace, freedom & abundance that I had known before.

The magical life of my dreams was now available to me. 

Its ALSO available for you. It actually is always there. We just need to remove the veil so that you may catch glimpses & move towards it.

This transformation brought me to you. The YOU that is reading these words.


Inga Kervin


Want freedom from your anxiety, fears & limitations? Are you wanting more happiness flow & ease? But aren't sure of where to start?


I look forward to working with you. May something magical happen to you today.