Alignment Mastery Webinar-Students Resource Page 3.3.21

You have ARRIVED!

Firstly, thank you for signing up for this class. I am excited for you to grow & expand your consciousness.

These are exciting times for you to be making a shift!

Here are a couple of Reminders, Downloads (PDF of slides, resources) & Links for your journey. 

  • Download PDF of Alignment Mastery Slides
  • Download Alignment Mastery E-book Class Companion
  • Resource Page for Books & Videos
  • Join the Facebook group A-Lightened Life for students of Alignment Mastery…This will be a community where you can grow & be around others who have similar interests.
  • I will be logging on zoom around 10:45 a.m, feel free to jump on early so that we can do a grounding exercise before class starts.
  • Make yourself comfortable. Set up snacks & a drink. You want to be in a relaxed open mind state. 
  • After class ends each day there will be homework for you to examine your thoughts throughout the week.
  • Modules 2, 3 there will be coaching calls. If you need to leave the class early we can bump you up so that you can receive your coaching call before you exit zoom.
  • Note that the entire class & coaching calls will be recorded. This is for your play back later
  • Come with an open mind, have compassion & respect to all those who attend & choose to share with the group.
  • You will get the most out of the class if you participate & ask questions.
  • I am learning with you! If there any questions that I am not able to answer in the class, I will research & find you an answer.
  • At the end of this Master class, fill out this Survey form so that you can give me feedback on what I can do better to serve students in the future.


Here is the Zoom Webinar calendar. Click on the date & it will take you directly to the class.