FREE Public Sound Healing, Meditation + Yoga Flow Event


Dream with me for a moment: 

It is a beautiful cool spring day. Blue sky, puffy white clouds, ocean breeze blowing through the trees & grass. It's a magical day at MacLean park! 


Today April ? 5:00pm everyone is gathering to experience:  Crystal bowl Sound Healing, Guided Meditation & Yoga flow. For some this is the first time to have such an experience & others are curious, so they come to feel. Enthusiasts are inspired to have an event such as this available in their community!

All ages, all demographics, all are welcome.

Women, Men, Children are arriving at the park, bringing their yoga mats, pillows, blankets, open minds & open hearts. Ready to receive healing, ready to connect with their bodies, their breath. We spend so much time avoiding our bodies & trying to avoid uncomfortable thoughts in our minds. 

Meditation, Sound healing & yoga dramatically reduce stress, depression, anxiety. Boosts circulation, reduces inflammation, provides cellular healing. What if an open public event such as this inspires healing & change? Plants seeds of healing? Shifts thoughts & emotions. What if this event gives access to new ways of being?

I am launching this FREE public event tentatively, April 2023. With the rental of MacLean Park Pavilion (pictures attached) as well as Marketing Materials (posters, flyers, Sponsor Board, also attached) The projected cost is $1000. 

If you would like to be a sponsor, any donation is appreciated. A donation of $50+ gets your name and QR code on the sponsor board for the event. Also, an option to donate swag bag with your business information.

Swag bags will be given away to the first 50 guests. 

Sponsor Donation $100, $50 or $25

Vendor Registration

Venmo: @alightenedlife

Cashapp: $offeringluv