Healing The Divine Feminine Retreat April 29th-May1st 2022

Retreat official countdown has begun.

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Schedule, FAQ, Links To Facebook Group, Soul Speakers Line Up, Vendors & Sponsors, Food Menu, Sign Up For Plant Medicines & Meet Your Facilitators.

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Soul Speakers

Meet Your Facilitators


Amy Markwordt-Call Me Clair

Psychic Medium, Spiritual Guide, Energy Worker

Hello divine feminine! What a tremendous blessing it is to begin to come into each of your energies, as we amp up for our 1st annual Healing The Divine Feminine Retreat. 

Me & my business Call Me Clair are located in Wharton, TX

It is my greatest joy & passion to create for you a space of healing. Thank you for your willingness & openness to step out of the 'norm' for yourself. And for your love & trust. I welcome you with unconditional love & open arms.

love & light


Facebook: Call Me Clair



Jessica Rendon Channel

Hi I’m Jessica Rendon I’ve lived in Houston since 1994. I began my spiritual awakening 14 years ago.  Much has happened since then and I’m so glad I’m beyond what I went through in the first decade or so.

I learned I was a medium when I was watching Sylvia Browne on the Montel Williams show.

I did a little experiment to see the energy that she felt after an audience member asked her a question and to see if I felt the same information and I did.  

So ever since then I’ve been asking questions and receiving answers and filling my brain up with whole bunches of junk from the universe. I truly enjoy it.

I especially love learning about the mysterious things that happen here and historical events as well.

I enjoy channeling different ascended Masters and entities and even civilizations such a Atlantis or different planetary systems. 

For the retreat I feel my purpose is to expand the spirit of wound healing of the Divine feminine.

It anchors out all the vast complexes and speaks to the soul within of mother heal me, she is the healer of women’s deficits beyond all human origin. She’s the relief. 

Jessica's YouTube Channel

Jessica's Facebook

Inga Kervin
Intuitive Light Worker, Hypnotherapist & Sound Healer

I have been preparing my whole life to remember myself again. I love assisting you on your healing journey, a journey back to wholeness & remembering.

I am not a healer in the sense that you will be healed by me, I am a healer in the sense that you will heal yourself by accessing the frequencies of love & wholeness that come through me & to you. A mutual play of energy that creates shifts beyond the limited mind.

You are more than a body, you are more than your perceived suffering and you are more powerful than you yet now remember. You are a soul with a body & I intend to help you remember your truth & your divinity.

You are so so loved!
Inga K.

Facebook: Inga Kervin A.L.L

Book A 1:1 or Past Life Regression

Vanessa Warrick Shaman, Reiki, Intuitive Healer

Up until 2012, I was happily very deep in the church. I attended a small, rural church that was an off-shoot of the Assembly of God; very charismatic-a  hands in the air, dancing in the isle king of place. I had studied the bible for many years in historical and cultural context, researching as deeply as I could, in the original languages of Aramaic, Greek and Hebrew. It is quite a different book under those constraints. 

In June of 2012, my mother, who was Apache-Mescalero & Aztec, passed away. She had intentionally, accidentally commit suicide. I believe she went to sleep overwhelmed, in a broken body with a belly full of morphine &a mind confusion only to wake up free from  earthly pain, in her luminous body. 

It was at this point that my life took a very sharp turn away from church & religion and directly onto the path of spirituality & mystery. 

The way it feels to me is that my mother kicked open a door that I had no interest in; the door to her medicine woman world. I did not care to or believe in hearing rocks, trees or animals  speak. But…through this door I have been introduced to  and  adopted by an absolutely bad ass group of spirit guides, ascended Masters and non-ordinary realm beings/energies. 

Since that time and with some reluctance, my walk has included training & initiation in Reiki & shamanism. I was honored with this training and have earned the standings as Reiki Master/Teacher in Usui/Holy Fire lll and as a Full Mesa Shaman through Sky Spirit Shamans in the Peruvian Q’uero & indigenous American traditions. I also hold an honorary PhD in Metaphysics. 

Along the way, I heard rumors of the church folks saying, “She’s lost her way.” And to that, my guides have responded, “She’s lost…her way.”

 I am so grateful & honored to be a part of this gathering. I look forward to being of service to all who attend. May our coming together in love be the catalyst for healing, not only the Divine Feminine but of the whole of life.

Vanessa's Facebook



Food Menu 

Meet Your Chef

Melissa Markwordt

The Painted Owl Bakery is proudly owned by a US NAVY vet.  She has more then a decade of experience in baking and decorating across three states.

Products range from fresh baked breads and pastries to cupcake and cake designs.

We offer keto, vegan and gluten free products as well. 



Meet Melissa Rod LMT

Massage bookings are available for Friday & Saturday of the retreat.


60 minutes $65

90 minutes $95

120 minutes $150

Relaxations Massage Therapy

Melissa Rod 979.257.4617


Meet Your Kambo Facilitator

Angela Marie

Angela is an Advanced Kambô Practitioner and Kambô Practitioner Teacher, tarot card reader, and yoga & meditation teacher.

 Angela facilitates Kambô ceremonies across the United States and provides distance tarot readings worldwide.  

She is passionate about creating safe spaces for being and healing.  

She will be available for Kambô session Saturday morning of the retreat.

Each participant must fill out a waiver and have a phone consultation prior to the event to ensure safety.

Kambô requires a 7 hour food fast so participants will wait to eat breakfast that morning until after kambô. Session will include optional sananga and optional rapé. Donation $200. 


Instagram @kambocollective 

By text: 214-662-1149

Plant Medicine Interest Form HERE. Must Fill Out Before Day Of Retreat.