I Am Out Of Hibernation & With A New Name.....

You beautiful being of light! I have so much to share with you.I have been in hibernation. I have emerged from my cave with new eyes……..and also a new name, okay my name is still Inga, buutt…


The Boho House name is officially retired. Art will ALWAYS be in my life. It is the conduit that brought me to where I am now.


Moving forward:  A-Lightened Life is my masterpiece to the world. It’s a creation based on my journey & all of our journeys in this human experience.


 I listened to most of my books, deeply contemplated life & meditated while painting. While painting I caught visions of the future, visions who we truly are. I will still be posting art on my page & creating for you guys. That will never go away.


As you know I’m obsessed with personal develop & finding the deeper meaning in life. Over the past few years I have spent time reading over 100+ books, studying the inner workings of the mind & documenting my experiences.


Through writing, inner voice work & alignment I have experienced a new level of awareness & consciousness.


I am ready to share this process with the world. Share what I have learned as well as teach core Laws of the universe. In the understanding of these laws I have experienced joy, abundance & peace that I had no awareness of before.