Past Life Regression QHHT & 1:1 Healing

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What does a session with me feel like?

Journeying without leaving the physical body. Connecting deeply with the frequencies of healing-calling in your guides, calling in your support.

Creating a vacuum of healing frequencies around your sweet body, like a portal to your 'future' vital, vibrant & healed highest self.

Holding space in the frequency of unconditional love & vitality of spirit, mind & body.

What does a session with me look like?

7 Crystal tuned singing bowls, perfectly tuned tuning forks for each charka, moon bathed healing crystals, purest aroma therapy oils and focused intention.

Channeled light & love frequencies to each chakra, restoring total body balance.

Healing that involves the 4 layers of creation.

Allow me to hold space for you. Allow yourself to receive & heal.

You are magical and more powerful than you can even imagine...allow me to take you to your healed highest self.
Inga K.