My Story~A-Lightened Life


 I have gone to hell & back.
I know suffering & the end to suffering.
Your suffering, too is bringing you to your life’s passion.
Your personal suffering is turning you into a healer.
Anyone can go to hell. Its coming back that is the real greatness.

"After all, we're just walking each other home."-Ram Dass

These are things that took me to hell:

Death of a father, Death of a brother, Death of my child’s father, Estrangement from my immediate family, Estrangement from close cousins & a living brother, Verbal & physical abuse from boyfriends, Seeing two people I love hate each other & not having the wisdom to process it, accused of being mentally ill, addictions, Heartache, Family Trauma & drama, Credit card debt. Self-destructive behaviors, anxiety, Post traumatic stress, Ancestral trauma

I have read & studied over 113 self help, spirituality books in the past 6 years. 3 concepts that I found interwoven in all their pages; CHANGED my perception of reality:

Alignment, Law Of Attraction & Inner Voice work.

I am driven to share my healing with others. Guided by my Inner Voice I am ready to help you start your journey of healing. 

I have found so much Faith, Flow & Freedom in these concepts. If you are tired of living with stress, hustle, efforting, struggle, emotional ups & downs, not listening to your intuitiion, then you are READY. If you are fed up & want to create a new reality for yourself, follow my journey & classes

My Mission: "How do I become my most aligned self & experience the highest level of freedom in order to create the highest level of impact in the world?"

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I can help you, help yourself out of hell. When you heal, they heal, we all heal.


Inga Kervin