Unity Of Brazoria

What if I told you there is place, filled with love, filled with radical acceptance for where you are & who you are on this journey of self healing?

What if this place offered you community, expansion, healing & resources?

What if you could come to this place once a week, twice a week to get yourself on track for living the life of your dreams?

What if I told you we are waiting for you?

What if I told you are already so so loved & appreciated? 

Join us Sundays 11:00am-12:00pm for service + expansive conversations from lightworkers in our community.

For a list of speakers, calendar of upcoming events and ways to be part of this community CLICK HERE

Tuesdays 11:00am Manifestation What if up? Circle. 20 minutes in the vortex. A weekly dose of being in the energy, being in the vibration of what you desire so that you are a vibrational match for that which you desire. 

Would you like to be a speaker?

Do you have a passion, a purpose, a message a healing modality that you would like to share?

Click the chat bubble & lets get you on the schedule. 

Unity is uplifted by you, by us. Unity is supported by your love donations. 

PayPal: unityofbrazosport@gmail.com 

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Tools/videos for expanding & assisting you on your spiritual journey