Voice Memos

What is out of alignment for you, is also out of alignment for others. 

Spiders & Their Webs: A lesson in alignment

Spiders can teach us so much about inner alignment & flow. We are here to create. When we are in alignement we can fully express our creative ideas in the world.


This is truth. The why: alignment & innervoice

Alignment above all else. This is my personal goal as well as a gift to others. A rant on why I'm going though what I'm going through.

Quit living for the weekend/day off

Alignment brings us joy in the moment. Quit living un-aligned all week long. Find joy at work and the weekend/time off.

Inner Voice Is like a Shoreline. Ego Mind Is An Island

Inner voice brings gifts you didn't even know were a possibility. Our ego/mind is an island. Walk the shorelines of your mind....hear the whispers of the waves & look for the treasures that wash up.

Contrast In Our Lives

I invite you to not measure traumas & bad experiences. You cannot experience what another feels, as they feel it. Therefore you cannot measure your trauma up against another. Yes there is extreme contrast at times, but not necessary for spiritual awakenings. Contrast in our lives is an invitation for Re-Alignment. I invite you to use the word "contrast" rather than: trauma, suffering, negativity, bad.


Inner Work: playing a victim to get love

Anything that is not love is a cry for healing💜