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Meditation & Sound Healing Studio

Tantric Vowels-Couples Workshop Friday 10.13.23 7:00pm

Tantric Vowels-Couples Workshop Friday 10.13.23 7:00pm

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Couples wanting to deepen their connection & intimacy. In this workshop we will talk about energy, breathwork, connection, intimacy & hands-on exercises for connection. 

*note that energy exchange, $55.55, is for 2 guests (couple/partner)

Wear loose comfortable clothing.

Light breakfast with drinks will be available.

Bring a pen/paper, intention & altar item (crystal, stone, totem, anything that holds the vibration of love)

“Creation is a love story; we are created to fall in love, to be love in love with love. Sacred relationships are the foundation of the Grail path—the act of coming together in a deeply loving union mirrors the most primordial cosmic movements of creation. Making love mirrors the making of the world itself. Our longing is full of creative birthing power. In Kabbalah (from Hebrew word roots meaning “womb,”

“vulva,” and “to receive”—the feminine chalice or Womb) the creation myth records that Ein Sof (the Divine field of eternal formlessness) desired to experience itself and that a yearning arose to meet with itself face to face, in sacred duality. And from this longing the tree of life and the masculine and feminine twins were created; their destiny was always to merge in love and meet with their Creator, so Love could “face itself ” in a new and evolutionary way.”
― Azra Bertrand, Womb Awakening: Initiatory Wisdom from the Creatrix of All Life


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