abundance is a choice

Abundance Is A Choice

Abundance Is a Choice

You want to start with abundance today. You can feel the pull to connect here, in the space of abundance. 


You want to start with abundance today. You can feel the pull to connect here, in the space of abundance. 

 What does abundance mean? Having everything you need, right here in this NOW moment. Abundance in clean air that fills my lungs, warm sunshine on colorful flowers & green leaves, coffee perfectly roasted & brewed, abundance of ways in which to move my body, feels wonderful to stretch. Abundance of books that shift perspective, love for other humans, birds outside your window & the trees, squirrels dancing playfully. Abundance of people who love me & believe in me. Abundance of thoughts that feel good, ideas that flow, words that comfort. Abundance of water to hydrate, water to cleanse the skin. Abundance of pleasurable scents, rhythm of the rise & fall of your chest. Abundance of possibilities for the day, freedoms, outcomes, desires. Abundance of ways in which you can ‘show up’ for yourself & others today. Abundance of synchronicities & guides, playful magic. 

Now, what do I do with all this abundance?  You ease into it. You feel into it. You touch it knowing it is always available to you at your choosing. Abundance is a choice. The moment you recognize it, see it, appreciate it, express gratitude for it, it starts to appear in each moment of your life. Like a magical path that reveals one cobblestone at a time. When you choose to step into the next moment witnessing the presence of abundance, the next stone is revealed.  

 Your inner being is ALWAYS in a state of abundance. You feel so good when you connect with inner being in the noticing, the witnessing, the observation of the abundance of each moment. This feels so good. It is like returning home. Being with all the abundance of the NOW moment is the same as feeling gratitude. Feel into that. What does this feel like in the body? Peaceful. Calm. Knowing. Intelligent. Excitement. Allowing. Receiving. Infinite. Relaxed. Open. FREEING. 

This is your true form. Inner being your connection with source energy.  This connection is ALWAYS with you.  Just as abundance is a choice. You can choose to connect at any moment. Much like a radio, to turn the dial till you're picking up the frequency of the desired song. The song that sets you free every time. 

 What are you being set free from? The limitations of the mind/ego. The trappings of the mind show up as fear, anxiety, anger, guilt, self-sabotage, past trauma, limiting beliefs, the negative voice that sounds like your mother. This is not who you are. These ‘trappings’ serve as an opposition to what you desire. They bring into your life, contrast, so that you can know more deeply what you truly desire. Without contrast we could not gain momentum in our wanting, desiring & ultimately creating. Contrast is not inherently bad. We could not know what we wanted if it did not exist.  The mind/ego is as integral as the heart (inner being). Both serve us. Both create our experience here on earth. 

There is no enemy. Only desires. And contrast that helps us define those desires more clearly. 

You are always abundant. Inner being never leaves you. You are connected to the source, at all times. 

 To wake up is to re-remember this truth & UNITE with it everyday.

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