Adventure & Play Today

Adventure & Play Today

My friend we are meeting up to go for yoga in the park, bike ride in Houston & Venezuelan food. She came into my life a few years ago. Its the sort of friendship that for me was accidental. Just sorta happened.

I love that if we are willing & open magic will enter our lives.

I truly see people as my teachers....Ruth has connected me to that inner child play that gets lost in daily life. She knows no concept of time....and as someone who constantly looks at the clock, this is refreshing. She guides me into timelessness. She sees the world as a child in a lot of rules no limits. I admire  her uninhibited nature.

Affirmation For The Day: I will look for adventure & play in each moment today. I will be open to the flow of the energies & direction of connected-ness & synchronicity around me. I will soak up the beauty in this day by letting it flow through me & around me. I have no expectation....which will lead me into high joy. I will find the life lessons that await me on this adventure & I will honor them with deep reflection. 

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Playing with you is so much joy and enrichment. You always show a real conviction for internal spiritual well being, thoughts of happiness and deep conversations are surrounding our playground. Let’s keep playing and treasuring those moments to build our positive vives.

ruth wooters

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