But why don’t I care enough to do something?

But why don’t I care enough to do something?

But why don’t I care enough to do something? I used to think that I wasn’t doing my part. Certain organizations, groups of people who are driven by an environmental cause or social cause would intimidate me & I questioned my own selfless serving, was I selfish? I wondered if there was something wrong with me for not feeling a ‘pull’ to participate. I did care. But I didn’t care to be part of a group. I love this earth, I empathize with people who are victims of injustice & servitude. But why don’t I care enough to do something in a group? I decided to clear this up with myself.

Every human on this earth has something to offer the ‘whole’. When we are aligned in the things that make our hearts sing, yes OUR hearts…not someone else’s, we can move mountains. I realized the guilt I felt for ‘not caring enough’ or joining an organization to help ‘fight’ whatever was irking me….simply was not in my alignment. We take for granted the things we do DAILY that help ourselves & those in our immediate circle. Don’t ever UNDERESTIMATE that ripple.

Your alignment in ‘Saving the world’ could & is as simple as these: birthing & raising mentally healthy humans, being a light for friends who look to you for love, posting positive & authentic things of social media, picking up trash on your daily walk in the neighborhood, buying the guy behind you coffee, planting a vegetable garden & sharing with neighbors, reading books that feed your mind, sharing a podcast that you love with a coworker, smiling at a stranger, tipping generously for no reason, helping a turtle across a busy highway…..you get the idea.

When we do things in alignment, naturally what makes our heart sing, we do so with more energy & power than: guilt, fear of judgment or shouldas’.

You, we, are all ONE. We are part of the WHOLE. When we heal self, show self compassion & self love….then & only then can we give love so generously, that it just might change the world. Because we are part of the whole…like a little puzzle piece we create a unit of unity to the spaces (people) around us. If we all took part in this…followed our alignment we would begin to rebuild the consciousness of humanity with LOVE & PEACE. By just taking care of your puzzle piece you are doing your part. Yes there is always room for expansion….but in your own time & your own alignment. Never with guilt fear or shame. Those are not the feelings that moves us. Let alignment in love move you.


Inga Kervin

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