Conscious Creation feels good, feels easy, feels like truth  Unconscious Creation feels bad, feels forced, feels like a lie

Conscious Creation feels good, feels easy, feels like truth Unconscious Creation feels bad, feels forced, feels like a lie

Conscious Creation: Thoughts (desires) + Action done in alignment (feels good)  with inner voice guidance. Thinking of what you want then taking right action to get it. In alignment with what you desire & action in joy

Unconscious Creation: Thoughts (desires) + wrong/right action done in non-alignment (feels bad) Not in alignment with inner voice & in conflict with feelings/actions. Operating in ego/mind


Conscious creation, when you want something in your life, the house, the car, the career or what you want for dinner…and you  know how you feel about it & you take action in alignment, it feels good & you just 'know' the thing to do. Flows easily. Comes to you easily. Doesn't feel stressful. No inner conflict during this process. You are consciously creating, desiring, manifesting & dreaming your dreams. Can be as simple as dreaming of new bedroom furniture and exploring how that feels & then finding a website that has the furniture you love. Or it can be as simple as wanting a bowl of cereal getting up to get the bowl, milk and making a bowl. You just skip into action that doesn’t feel hard or annoying. This is you creating in alignment. Action in alignment can also be doing things even when you are exhausted & not 100%. Like when you baby wakes up in the middle of the night to eat….you are tired and part of you wants to stay in the bed….however it would ‘feel’ worse to just lay there and let your baby go hungry. The aligned action is to go feed baby even though you are tired. Aligned action can also be staying up late even though you had a 12 hr day at work just to listen to a podcast or read a book that you genuinely enjoy. Aligned action & action in alignment is when you are driven to do something, because the idea of NOT DOING it feels worse than the doing. This is not to be confused with guilt ( we can talk about this later, but this is just a tool of the ego). This is conscious creating. Aligning to the the things that feel good no matter the mental stories (ego)


Unconscious creating is what a huge number of population is doing. Operating from a place of non-alignment. Hustling, thirsty, fear, anxiety, Ego, scarcity & lack, having & not having, injustice, resentment, self hatred….on and on. This is being in conflict with what your want, or think you want, and the reasons (emotions) around why you want it. Most of this is ‘below’ the surface…you don’t even know your in conflict if your operating in default mode aka the ego. This is where the work is. This is where emotional shifts have to happen in order to consciously create what you want. Being unconscious (asleep) and creating is a lot like being in a foreign country and not speaking the language….sometimes you get what you want…but mostly there is confusion & a lot of hand gestures. Examples of this range from little things to the major things in our lives. Even getting “Clear” about what you want wont work fully until you are able to have alignment. For example I could be crystal clear that I want to have financial abundance with an income of over $200,000 and I can even know where the income will come from i.e the services/product I am offering….BUT if I have an emotional block around money or my self worth or all the other million things the ego makes up, then I will be in conflict ( out of alignment)  If I then take action out of alignment it will feel like exhaustion, hustle & discomfort to get to my desire…if I ever get there. This is why you see people who are ‘successful’ that are not happy. They are not in a life of alignment. The thoughts & the emotions are in conflict with each other. How can I feel so sad or unhappy when I have everything I have ever wanted? Easy….you are out of alignment. You are creating unconsciously. 

Would you go to work asleep? Would you raise your children asleep? Go to a dinner party asleep? The answer, of course, is no. That would be silly...but that is what UNCONSCIOUS creation describes. Wake up to your beautiful life & manifest your everything you want into your reality. 

Alignment is priority. There is no purer cleaner happier more joyfilled way to create the life you want….and its easy because we all possess this inner guiding system. EVERY single one of us.

Conscious Creation feels good, feels easy, feels like truth, Awake

Unconscious Creation feels bad, feels forced, feels like a lie, Asleep

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