Food food food food. I think about food about 90% of my day. I love food. It brings me joy but it also brings me pain.

Food food food food. I think about food about 90% of my day. I love food. It brings me joy but it also brings me pain. Its a duality that most of us have lived with since birth without giving deep thought too. If you were to write a love letter to food what would it sound like? Would the tone of the letter be functional or dis-functional? A push pull of wants and don't wants? I recently had a shift surrounding my behaviors & thoughts around food. I hope this his helpful:

Food doesn't make us fat & unhappy. Our beliefs around food make us fat & unhappy. We have this idea that if we could just start eating this thing or stop eating that thing...or try this diet, then we could have the physical body we want so that we then can be happy. However in this is the FLAW. When we do get the physical body we desire, we then fall into the mental state of having to maintain for fear of reverting. This then puts us right back into a state of fear. We live in fear when we don't like how we look, then we are right back into fear when we are actually the weight we want to be. How does this make any sense? Why stress & struggle another however many years (insert here however long you have struggle already) just to feel shitty either way???? We have been programmed that this is the normal. We have agreed to a societal decision that this is what living a life looks like. This is not normal.  We must be happy NOW in order to feel happy LATER. This is just how it works ya'll.  Do animals worry about their weight? Does nature stop growing and consuming because its getting too big? Humans are the only beings on earth who participate in this egoic/mental disorder. 

What if we ate only when we were truly hungry & stopped eating when we were truly full? How can we rebuild this connection with our inner being & body? What if we ate with our intuition/inner voice and not with our mind? The mind tells us " oh! its 12:00 so we must eat" but what if your not hungry? What if you have been told all your life to eat breakfast and you do.....but your not really hungry first thing in the morning? What if we all started living in such freedom that if we wanted to eat ice cream all day....we could....because we knew that we would not want to do that again for a long time? <------This scares the crap out of the mind/ego! But honestly would you really eat cheeseburgers, pizza & milk shakes every single day? Of course not. You would become more in tune with your body's needs and cravings. You would eventually regulate naturally. You would begin to eat only when hungry & stopping when full. This is something the majority of us have lost connection too... the inner voice, the one who always knows what, when & how much to eat.

I eat more food per serving & eat when i'm NOT hungry WHEN: I'm not in alignment.

Notice the feelings you have when you are eating. Just being aware of the mental chatter & your feelings when you are in the action of eating can be enlightening. When you are eating in guilt, fear, shame, gluttony & judgement about the food you are are literally telling your body to store all the bad things about that meal. The cells in your body match the vibration of the food & emotions. If you tell yourself this cheeseburger is going to make me fat I should not be eating it....then of course your body will respond with holding onto the carbs & fat in the burger. Law Of Attraction happens all the time...not just when we want to use it for your benefit. Make it work for you....not against you. Bless your body...Bless your food & stay aware of the feelings and temperament you are eating with. Alignment above all else. Alignment with inner being is simply doing all things with love, compassion & unity. 

Food food food food. I think about food about 90% of my day. I love food. It brings me joy but it also brings me pain.<------Bottom line, this is an ego/mind story. My inner being does not stress over food. My mind likes to use food as comfort, reward, encouragement, self soothing, punishment, self loathing.....all the things. But that is not truth. My inner being knows exactly what I need when I need it as well as how much of it. But I have to stay in alignment to feel that wisdom & knowing. 


Inga Kervin

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