Forcing Alignment AKA Letting The Mind Take Over

Forcing Alignment AKA Letting The Mind Take Over

The past few weeks I have been like dog with a bone. Sneaking off in all parts of the day to strategize & problem solve how I am gonna make this new business venture come alive. I have been obsessively spending all my free time & mental space researching, brainstorming, battling fears, feeling uncertain & honestly wasting  time taking action just to take action. I have not been living in the ‘Aligned’ state that I preach. The mind slowly creeps back in & justifies why it is relevant & needed.

I will always be a student of this world. The mind does not know what it does not know. Being in alignment & taking action in joy is following the breadcrumbs that the universe leaves for you. Surrender to the moment. Quiet the mind & see what is unfolding in the NOW.  You don’t need to know everything. You don’t need to plan & obsess today what you need to do tomorrow.

Taking action in the now, that does NOT bring you joy, will NOT take you to the future situation you are desiring.

Just breath & know that all is well. The universe is bringing the perfect breadcrumb to lead you to the next step. Stay open & present.


Inga Kervin

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