How Can I Be Happy?

How Can I Be Happy?

How can i be happy?

How can I be Happy? How to find happiness after family trauma, dysfunction, addiction, death, anxiety & depression.

How can I be happy?

How can I be happy? How to find happiness after trauma, family dysfunction, failed relationships, addiction,  anxiety, depression, death....

Like you I had a story. A whole past scattered with betrayal, dysfunction, addiction, love lost, sadness, guilt & fear, even death. I used to feel like happiness isn't even something I deserved. After all the things I had done & seen. Who was I to want it? To have it? This felt even more true during the few times I held it, it was like holding water in my hands. It didn't matter how hard I tried to hold on, it always slipped away. 

Self sabotage was my middle name. Back then I didn't even have the awareness that I was the common denominator in my unhappiness...I always thought it was they/them & the past.

“I was stuck. And I didn't even know that I was the Trojan Horse in my own story of my own life. Inside of me was the 'enemy'.”

You do not know what you do not know. Sound true? Get used to it. There are lots of things you do not know, that you do not know. You are only aware of a fraction of who YOU REALLY ARE. This is good thing. This means there is so much to discover. And this is where the journey begins.

There are no limitations of YOU. Only limited awareness of who YOU think you are.  Limitations are just illusions of the mind/ego. Hear me out...

You limit yourself everyday. You limit yourself by the stories you tell, the thoughts you agree with, the past that you relive & the people you spend your time with. You know what else you limit? Happiness. 

"Happiness has no limits or measure. It is endless & infinite much like its counterpart, LOVE."

We tell ourselves stories around all the reason why we can't be happy, why we are frustrated, why we are stuck, why we are angry. We blame others for our unhappiness, "if only they hadn't done this to me", "if my partner would do this & not that..", "if they hadn't said this to me..".  You, me, us QUITE literally limit our happiness by placing it in the hands of EVERYONE else. We blame people, experiences & the world for all the reasons why we can't be happy now or won't be happy until_____*insert excuse here.

"You have been conditioned to think that happiness is conditional & found externally. It is not your fault. It is not your parents fault. This has been unconsciously reinforced through generations. Through media, society, social structures, education systems, our whole infrastructure. Now is the time to wake up. Let us wake up together to find that we are the creator of all things including happiness."

"You are a spiritual being having a human experience. You are limitless at your core."

Listen, there is NO ONE else involved in YOUR happiness. Happiness is personal. What creates happiness in you may not create it in another. It is as personal AS YOUR INNER MOST THOUGHTS. No one else knows the context of them BUT YOU.

Nothing in my life shifted until I came into the full awareness that I AM responsible for my happiness. No relationship, no job, no amount of money, no material thing, no friendship, no diet, no new hobby, no new pair of shoes...... NOTHING outside of me is responsible for my happiness. 

How do you create a shift? How do you expand your awareness? Alignment. Alignment is the practice of: Creating Union between Thoughts + Emotions + Actions. This union generates happiness from an internal setpoint. This setpoint is the source energy for all of your  manifestations & desires. 

Alignment alone is the single most powerful tool we have to shift & create the life of your dreams. A life of limitless love, creation & happiness. Alignment allows us to drop the stories, drop the past, drop all the things that limit who we are and who we can be. Alignment is the vehicle that takes us to our most authentic express here on earth. It brings us full circle to the truth of who we are: LOVE & Our Worthiness.

If you want to learn about Alignment, what it is & how to maintain it, so that you can break free from your stories, your past, your anxiety, your fear, your self-sabotage, your addictions, your dysfunction, your trauma, your suffering, your depression so that you can BECOME the most healed expression of you, then checkout these offers & Subscribe. 


Subscribe for 12 free writing templates to get you connected with your higher self & if you want schedule a free 15 minute consultation with me so that I can help you map out your journey into Alignment. 

Take me to my journey

I look forward to holding space for you. Remember when you heal & step into the fullest expression of you, you heal your children, children's children, you influence your coworkers, your friends, your community. Yes, you are that powerful. 


Inga Kervin

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