how to manifest your dream life

How to manifest, without knowing the How?

How to manifest without knowing the how?

The HOW is none of your business. Is your mind screaming at me? 

How to manifest without knowing the how?

How to manifest without knowing the how? 

I want to live in Colorado. Specifically Durango, Co. I can see my dream house. I can see our life. I can see the furniture in my home. The hiking. The food that we will eat and grow. The places we'll go. I can see adventure. I can even see the pictures I will take and the paintings I will paint. I can feel the friendships that I will make. I can see, feel it all. 

But I do not know HOW. How will all this come about? How will the money be made? How will we pay for a house without a mortgage? How will we sell our Texas house? How will we move everything? How will Judd schooling go? What will we do with my mother in law who has Alzheimers? How will we find jobs in Colorado? How will we find a house that is perfect for us? The mind wants to know how, how, how?

 The HOW is none of my business. Is your mind screaming at me?

 The mind is logical, analytical and has a strong desire to keep you safe. Always scanning for threats and problem solving.

 In fact it is a lot like a supercomputer. 

Allow me to explain. When you decide you want something (which it considers a problem, because to want something is to also noting that you currently do not have) the mind automatically computes all the ways it can get the desired thing. 

It sees all the obstacles as well as (hopefully) opportunities.

 Depending on your subconscious programming you will receive many different solutions and problems to the original ‘problem’ ( the desire).

 I want you to know this deeply: Wanting, desiring is NOT A PROBLEM. 

The mind sees it as a problem. Because it is logical, if you want something then the opposite must be true. Meaning, you don't have or your lacking. 

Your inner being always knows the truth. Truth being that you can have and IN FACT already do have everything you desire. I know this is going deep and I plan to expand on this later in another blog post. However right now you need only to focus on the VIBRATION.  

The HOW,  is none of your business. Allow the Universe to work its magic. 

Allow yourself to surrender to what is. Allow yourself to feel into the energy of already having.

 This is what will attract the people, events, experiences that will bring you the means in which to bring about the MANIFESTATION.

 Follow me?

 So this brings in the question of How does one get into vibration that matches the desire? 

As stated I have a strong desire to move to Colorado. So let's first explore self sabotage in the arena of manifesting.

 If I am not actively working on fine tuning my vibration I can easily slip into a vibration of: resentment for where I currently live, feeling stuck, dissatisfaction, annoyed with the people in my current community, stating out loud how badly I want to move because of A, B, C…… reasons. Feeling like it's NEVER gonna happen because it's taking too long, feeling like I'm not making progress, lost on what to do to get me there, obstacles to get there feel overwhelming and ultimately talking myself out of my desire and SETTLING into disappointment. 

Giving up. DO NOT do this. 

You are okay. You are always okay.

 How to become a vibrational match to what you desire so that you receive your manifestation faster?

 Be in the feeling of already having as many times a day as you can.

 Frequency, how often can you come back to the vibration of already having? 

Duration, how long can you stay in the vibration of already having?

 Intensity, how intense are the feelings of already having?

 Here is the play by play of what I am currently doing in order to manifest the MEANS and the dream home in Durango, Colorado:

 Every morning I wake up and write gratitude. I write in the present tense of already having and take the time to visualize what it feels like to already be there. I am currently cleaning my Texas house, deciding what is coming with me and not coming with me to Colorado. I spend 5-10 minutes throughout my day seeing our life in Colorado. I tell everyone I am moving there. I am getting my house sellers ready. I am creating an online business so that I can work from home In Colorado. I visit Colorado when I can. I look at a map of Colorado. I see Colorado everyday by way of license plates, coffee cups, bumper stickers, books, ect. I look at pictures I have taken of Colorado’s wildflowers. Me and my husband talk about how wonderful it feels to be there and dream about what our life will feel like.

 Do you get the point?

 By becoming passionate about what you desire you EXUDE the vibration which is irresistible to the MANIFESTATION. 

I love that I get to do this in real time with you. You get to follow my journey and I get to help you with yours.

 I love it when all of your dreams and desires come into being. I love when you win. I love when you are happy, satisfied and fulfilled. 

If you would like a 1:1 coaching session to get you on track with your manifestations, let's set it up. 

Let's Meet!

As always I am rooting for you!

Inga Kervin

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