how to not work anymore

How To Not Work Anymore

how to not work anymore

Ever wonder what happens when you make the leap to work from home? To work for yourself? To follow your passions? Or to not ‘work’ at all? 

how to not work anymore.

 How to not work anymore. Ever wonder what happens when you make the leap to work from home? To work for yourself? To follow your passions? Or just to not ‘work’ at all? 

  I am gonna assume this caught your eye because there is a part of you that is longing to be free. To create freedom from the 2D, 3D, 4D world of work & society. And step into 5D. Allow this to ensure, inspire and spark within you the natural desire to live out your purpose. A purpose that only you give meaning to. 

  Maybe you're fortunate enough now to work for a company that creates a sense of purpose or maybe you're lost in the shadows of a meaningless routine in some other corporate entity. Either way you will connect with something deeper within yourself, that is personal to you. That cannot be defined by another human or entity.   If you desire freedom, read on.

 If this scares you and you are still tethered to the security of social roles and identified with external sources of financial stability , then you are not ready yet. And that is okay. I wasn’t ready a year ago. Then something changed…. 

  A little background on my journey.  I joined the workforce at 16. I have always LOVED to work. That's not to say there haven't been jobs that I despised. In the past I have enjoyed the accountability of going out into the world making money and servicing others. My co-workers have become very close friends through the 20 years and I can not even begin to measure the wisdom, experience & knowledge that being a part of the workforce has given me. I truly believe that all of the experiences, struggles, wins, curiosities have brought me to where I am, now. There is no other way I could have arrived at this destination at this point in time without them. 

  I can imagine everything YOU have experienced in your life has brought you to read these words. Isn’t that something? To know that everything that has ever happened in your life has always brought you here, NOW. This moment right now. If one thing happened differently you may not be reading these words. This is how life works. The Universe leads you one bread crumb at a time to EXACTLY where you need to be.

 Looks like your breadcrumbs led you to these words. As you read along, feel into anything that resonates. Allow yourself to receive the message from my experiences. Take time to pause and work through the journaling questions as I lay them out. 

  Over a 20 year span I have had 7 different jobs. The most recent as a hairdresser, for 10 of those years. I remember thinking I would ALWAYS be a hairdresser. I loved it. It had more freedom in it than my other career paths. It also was financially more rewarding. I love the art of creating with my hands. There is something so rewarding about that. 

 So how did I end up here? Well like you are probably experiencing, there are limitations even in a job you love.

  Sometimes it takes us a few years or even a decade to know what we truly want. Freedom.

 We are conditioned to think that freedom is only something you can have on your day off or weekends. And if you want more freedom than that then you are selfish, irresponsible and a loser. I had this story running in my head constantly.

  Everytime I desired freedom, which by the way manifests as this: not wanting to go to work, not wanting to wake up and go do things you don't want to do, calling in sick, getting sick at work or hoping the school calls and asks you to pick up your kid, re-occurring physical pain, underlying contentment for the job you once loved, feeling stifled around rules or regulations, apathy around work goals that once excited you, feeling a sense of anxiety when work calls or texts, self loathing in areas of work that you used to excel at, feeling like a fish out of water. One time I even remember fantasizing about breaking an arm or a leg so I would have a valid excuse to be ‘out of work’. 

 What was going on here? Can you relate to some of these thoughts & emotions around your current work?   The desire for freedom is deeply ingrained in all of us. As we grow, expand, evolve our consciousness we begin to no longer be able to suppress the longing for it.

 My desire for freedom was largely subconscious. Meaning I wasn't exactly sure why I felt bad, why I was encountering anxiety at work, why I was having thoughts of breaking an arm, or why I was in chronic physical pain.

 My subconscious desire for freedom also showed up as: spending money, binge eating, jumping into dangerous relationships, compulsive shopping, rearranging my home and escapism through fantasizing about the future. As the manifestations of symptoms increased I could no longer ignore what my desires were telling me.   I desired freedom at my core. Freedom to eat when I wanted, freedom to rest when my body needed it, freedom to walk outside and enjoy nature, freedom to go on bike rides, freedom to paint, freedom to write, freedom to read, freedom to discover things about my inner world, freedom to untether my worthiness from my productivity, freedom to explore curiosities, freedom to explore natural sleeping rhythms, freedom to EXPERIENCE my life without the filter of identity, that we get from what we do as ‘work’.

 I now have the freedom to explore more deeply how my spirit, soul, inner being would like to show up in this world, in this life that I am manifested into.   I suspect you have this innate desire as well.

   Soul contracts. You probably have heard of this term. Especially if you are on any kind of personal development or spiritual path. 

  My personal belief is that we create meaning in our lives. I'm not sure that there is some predetermined path for us. But rather opportunities to become the fullest expression of our authentic selves, the spirit like aspect of all of us. 

 The authentic self being the soul expression, the inner being in us expressing itself through the eyes of God or LOVE. This is the journey of our life. The coming back to who we truly are at our essence, LOVE.  

  What does any of this have to do with How To Not Work Anymore? 

 When you entertain this sentence through the perspective of the mind/ego the first thing that comes up is? Money. Of course. What does money represent? Go ahead and pause. Write down in your journal. 

  What does money represent in my life? Write down everything you can. In fact, set the timer on your phone for 3 minutes. Allow yourself to flow into all feelings, thoughts, descriptive around MONEY. I am doing it with you. It is important to know how you think and feel about money.   This is a journaling exercise to be revisited every few months. 

 Sidenote: The most amazing paradigm shifting book on money that I have ever read, Happy Pocket Full Of Money by Cameron Gikandi. 

  Depending on your level of consciousness & awareness at this stage in your life. You may have different responses to this question around what money represents. But ultimately money can be summed up in two words. Freedom & Security. 

  What a paradox!

 We do not normally associate freedom with security, right? Think about it.

 Security feels safe, predictable, stable and  consistent.

 Freedom feels opportunistic, changing, shifting, possibilities, transformative, endless, open and expansive.  . 

  Now I want you to journal these questions.

 What does freedom represent in my life? What does freedom feel like?   What does security represent in my life? What does security feel like? Write each question before answering.   Notice that I am asking you to ask yourself the question from two different perspectives. One from the perspective of How does this show up in your life? The other from the perspective of your inner world, How does this feel in your life?

  Go ahead, I will wait for you to finish. 

  Allow me to share what I wrote.  

 For me Freedom represents being able to do whatever I want, with whomever I want, whenever I want, however I want to. Freedom represents the Who, What, When, How of our lives. Freedom makes me feel: unconditionally loved, joyous, abundant, inspired and expansive

 For me Security represents money flowing in consistently, a comfortable home, well stocked refrigerator, being able to handle whatever happens in life without falling apart, friends that support me, loving spouse or partner. Security feels safe, calm, peaceful, knowing things will be okay and overall well beingness.   

 The paradox here is that we desire Freedom and Security.   This is the driving force behind everything we do. 

  The mind/ego wants security while the soul wants freedom. So how do we bring these two in union when they look seemingly contradictory?   How do we not ‘work’ anymore?   How do we resolve the desire for security along with the desire for freedom?  

  And this is where the journey begins.  

  Like everything in your life. There is a tipping point. A point in time when the suffering became too great, the cost too high, that you had to make a change. You had to shift. You had to peel off a layer of yourself and let go of a belief, a fear, a limitation of who you THOUGHT you were.  

   One day, a man was walking down the street and saw a dog on a porch that was just sitting there, whimpering, whining and moaning. The man was curious as to why he was whimpering, so he went and knocked on the door and a guy came out and said, “Yes, how may I help you?” He said, “Sir, is this your dog?” “Yes, that’s my dog.” “Well, what’s wrong with him?” The owner of the dog said, “What do you mean?” “Well, he’s sitting here moaning and groaning.” The owner said, “Well, he’s actually sitting on a nail.” He said, “What! Your dog is sitting on a nail. Why doesn’t he get off?” “Well, it just doesn’t hurt him enough.”   

 Our inner being is communicating with us 24/7. It never leaves us. When we feel bad this is our inner being not agreeing with the weather of our inner thoughts and dialogue.

  When we feel good our inner being is in agreement with the current weather of inner thoughts.    

 If you haven’t quit your job yet to pursue a dream, a passion, explore ideas, curiosities or other avenues of income meets purpose, it is because the suffering hasn’t been enough. And that is okay.

  Continue to read, to explore, to gather information. 

 It took me over 5 years….even after I knew in a conscious way what my soul was saying. 

 Now that I have reflected I can see that the Universe was molding me. Creating space and a way for me.

  This is the magic that creates worlds. Intention and desire.   You are doing this now by reading, dreaming, journaling and questioning. 

  We have been conditioned overtime to smother out our innermost desires. We have been told to suck it up, don’t be a loser, quit complaining, money doesn't grow on trees, be responsible, work hard play later, don't be selfish, don't disappoint me, do this because it will make a lot of money who cares if you don't like it and a whole host of other soul squashing beliefs. Soon our inspiration, our childlike curiosities are stomped out of us. We begin to fall asleep to our innermost desires and nuances of our own inner being. 

 The anxiety, depression, apathy, complacency, addictions, health problems, family dysfunction are all manifestations of the soul’s strong desire to be free. 

 A little dramatic? Maybe. But this is exactly where a lot of Americans are. Losing their sense of freedom and security in false identity constructs of the mind and society.

  Quitting the job you hate is an act of freedom. Not an irresponsible, selfish or maladaptive decision. Allowing yourself to ‘not work’ and exploring freedom and security within your own being is the ultimate act of REBELLION from the old version of yourself. Liberation from all that you thought you knew about yourself and society. 

  How do you not work? As Mark Twain famously said, “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” 

 I believe he was speaking about: 

  Soulpreneurship- A soulpreneur is an entrepreneur, freelancer, artist, craftsperson, coach or anyone else who looks at life, and business, as an opportunity for expression of their higher self.  Successful soulpreneurs are defined more by their approach to life than by the type of work they are doing.

  I left my stable, consistent, fun career about 4.5 months ago. In order to pursue more freedom, purpose and the highest expression of my soul.  I had a plan. Or so I thought. More on that later (to be revealed in many many blog posts).

 This blog is to reveal my play by play journey through self-discovery, soulpreneurship, alignment mastery and ultimately my soul’s expression.  

The learning curve has been MONUMENTAL and my goal is to share with you everything I learn along the way in order to make your transition into the 5D easier. 

 What better way to be of service than sharing my struggles, discoveries and being an example of what you can accomplish in your life here. After all I am not special, privileged or otherwise more capable than YOU.

  I have all the same fears and melodramas within my own mind. Fear around money, security, the who and the how.

 Scary territory to be in when all of society and the voices in your head make you feel like you're a loser or not good enough. But really you are just threatening their version of reality. There is nothing more intimidating to a disempowered person than an empowered one. 

  Just as the Universe reveals one breadcrumb at a time, by way of your natural desires and impulses, you will be guided on this journey with me as I navigate the freedom of my soul. 

  Ask yourself this question, begin the day with this: How do I become my most aligned self and experience the highest level of freedom in order to create the highest level of impact in the world? 

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 I can help you find road that has the breadcrumbs for the next level of your life.  

 As always, I am rooting for you. I love and appreciate you. 

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By Inga Kervin

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