I want to say it has all been magical....but i'm having a lot of discomfort this week.

I want to say it has all been magical....but i'm having a lot of discomfort this week.

My head has been buzzing with energy. All the new connections I am a making in this spiritual work plus the application of it in my daily life. I want to say it has all been magical....but i'm having a lot of discomfort. As I am getting closer & closer to my truth, as I am waking up....I am finding it very very uncomfortable & painful to function in my work/social life. Little things are bothering me, anxiety & the absorption of other peoples states is making me literally dizzy throughout my day. I can even feel myself outside my body as if the non-physical me cant keep up with the physical me. I have decided to cut back on coffee....thinking this may be contributing in some way.  Sometimes I feel the boundaries between myself and others are non-existent. I know this is not sustainable long term. Its hard for me to understand why I am breaking down in some of my daily tasks when I feel like I'm growing & more connected to my purpose than I have ever been. I am the healthiest I have ever been....emotionally....but at the same time I'm feeling so out of alignment in areas of my life. 

Question(mind): Why am I not in alignment & What am I neglecting??

Inner Voice: your emotions are an indicator of what is or is not in alignment. When you are experiencing negative emotions that is your non-physical being showing you what is not for you. We all have a guide. The guide speaks to us in the language of 'emotion'. Humans complicate things with the mind and with the "i have to". But it is simple. Let emotions guide you to your path of alignment. When you feel good, you do good & you see good. This is a never ending loop....infinite

You are having discomfort because you are not honoring the path that has been shown to you. You think there is another way.....there is not another way.

When you take away the things in your life that cause you pain & discomfort then you are opened up to the positive emotion that will guide you into alignment. You cannot get around the source of the discomfort by keeping it in your life, stop holding onto the source of the discomfort. Let it go. It no longer serves you. One source of negative emotion alters the ability to connect to other positive experiences that want to guide you back into alignment.

The universe loves you & wants you to have positive joy filled experiences. You cannot have alignment without trusting your guide....the emotions. They are the purest form of language. 



You are so loved!

The "U"

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