I was tired of the...

Go To Post     I was tired of the up & downs. I was tired of being in the space of ‘Unhappy for no reason’. I had started the personal development journey, read some books but still continued to find myself stuck in a cycle of shame & guilt. I knew that my behavior would only change if I could change the way I thought & felt about things. I knew that the way I was thinking & feeling was a key to changing my reality. Once I put all the pieces together, I finally had A map, a map out of the problem & into the solution. My higher self. Who we are, how we operate, it’s just layers & layers of subconscious beliefs, limiting beliefs, other people’s beliefs. With each layer we lose our self. With each layer, we are not sure why we are doing the things we are doing. This leads to the stuckness, the unhappiness & these are the symptoms, the symptoms Of being out of alignment in oneself. In my masters class I will teach you how to get into maintain your alignment each day. I will give you the tools, the knowledge and prepare you for the awareness in the expansion of consciousness. 11 days! —->Register link in my bio https://alightenedlife.com/pages/alignment-mastery-by-inga-kervin-soft-launch

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