Law Of Attraction. You are the creator of your own reality & experiences.

Law Of Attraction. You are the creator of your own reality & experiences.

Thoughts are electricity. They have an electrical vibration.

When we have a thought, that we pay attention to (good or bad, there is no filtration system, the mind allows all thoughts) An ‘order’ is sent to the hypothalamus-the master gland in our body. This then initiates neural peptides-synchronizing of neurons-Chemically creates emotions. This is where physical manifestation happens.

Example: I wake up late for work & the dog threw up on my favorite shirt. I have a thought that, ‘my whole day is going to turn into shit today’..…this then places an ‘order’ to the hypothalamus to set off the neural peptides (emotions) that will set up my physical response. Now that I have had the thought, then the ‘order’, then the synchronizing of the neurons (emotions) I am now experiencing in my physical reality & physical body: A headache, neck/shoulder pain, every red light on the way to work (which then reinforces more negative thought-causing again the chain reaction), Stopped for coffee & spilt it on me & my order is wrong (continuation of the cycle…THIS IS LAW OF ATTRACTION) That in which you invite into your thoughts manifests into physical reality.

Has this ever happened to you? And you felt like you had no control over the events in your life? When we awaken to this truth, our inner voice (not the mind) can become the filtration system for those negative, untrue, undesired thoughts. The answer is not thinking about what you do not want, because that is still giving energy to what you do not want. What you do not want should not be allowed space in your mind. If you say, “I really don’t want to have a bad day today” and repeat that thought ..…you are still attracting what you do not want (out of fear). The thought should resonate more like this “ I am going to have a good day today…I feel so good.” And smile!<----tap into this feeling for real for real. This is where gratitude & appreciation in the moment come in. Its like training wheels….this may feel fake or in-authentic at first. But the more you exercise this shift in thought the more you will be able to identify the pathways to get you there in an authentic way. You have to show up for yourself and try. What do you have to lose? Stay miserable? When will the suffering be enough? When will you see that you orchestrate the life around you? One day suffering will be enough then you will seek truth. You have a way out now….and its all within you. You are the master of your own universe. You are so loved & so supported.

Being in alignment is feeling aligned in your mind & inner voice. Being in alignment is the physical you & the non-Physical you communicating in harmony. Being in alignment is being able to  see the opportunities to manifest your desired future. Being in alignment allows you to take action in joy. When you are aligned you can feel the next step in your day/life. Your inner voice is always leaving you sweet little breadcrumbs, in the way of feel good emotions, to lead you back to your truth. You are so loved & ready for mastery in the creation of the life you desire to live.



Inga Kervin

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