Question (mind): How do I see the 'sign' or opportunities that the universe/inner voice wants me to see?

Question (mind): How do I see the 'sign' or opportunities that the universe/inner voice wants me to see?

Gratitude. I am so thankful to have the ability to grow, to change & see all perspectives. I am so thankful to be able to create a dream life that I wake up excited for. Freedom to play, manifest openly & abundance in all things that bring me energy & joy. I love that I get to stare out of my windows with love, compassion and excitement. I can see all the ideas & desires floating like bubbles waiting on me to claim them in joyful action. I am whole & possess everything that I need to become my souls purpose.

I am able to help people move out of the mind/ego and into the heart/inner voice. It feels like real magic to be able to connect to this part of myself & others. I know that when healing takes place it has the potential to heal generations. Its that powerful.

We are all whole. We all have an internal guiding system willing to lead us back to our souls purpose. Everyone is here to grow, evolve & experience life with joy. It is not a limited resource...there is enough purpose & joy for every physical being on the earth. The magic of the universe speaks to the magic of your inner voice.....this is your guide. Together they conspire to show you opportunities to reconnect. Will you be still? Will you be present? Will you be available for this magic? Or will your mind keep you veiled & misguided?

Question (mind): How do I see the 'sign' or opportunities that the universe/inner voice wants me to see?

Inner Voice: Literally every in & out breath of the body is an opportunity to reconnect to your inner being. Every experience you have with the physical world is a point of entry into this 'magic' called inner voice/inner being ( this is what connects you to the universe). The mind sorts things through data, ego & categories of good or bad. <----None of this is an entry point. Inner voice or inner being, is the part of you that does not sort things. It does not label good or bad. It just knows....a calm pool of presence. Nature tends to respond when you are with inner voice or Inner being. Sitting still outside with inner being brings beautiful creatures into your reality, these can be entry points into 'signs' or opportunities. Hear the messages you receive while in a state of inner being or inner voice. Other people become your messengers when you are with them in a state of inner being. Washing the dishes becomes an opportunity to know your souls purpose when done in presence of inner being. The universe is always ready for you. You are so loved. When you drop the mind, ego & thought chatter....the way is shown to you, your inner being & inner voice become a channel to the universal knowledge of the universe......your joy in action becomes clear, this leads you to your souls purpose.


You are so loved!

The "U"

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