I dreamed last night of being in the eye of a hurricane. It wasn't a fear filled space. In fact, I was on a bright pick flamingo floatie in my bathing suit. The water around me was black as onyx and shined like polished silver. I was so calm and relaxed. It was serene. The water was salty and the temperature of cooled bath water. It reminded me a lot of the salt float tank experiences that are available to us now. 

As I laid in the eye of the hurricane with barely a ripple of water, moving my float in a rocking motion (almost a lullaby for a baby), I rested my head in an upward direction watching the chaos around me. I saw newspaper articles, snippets from social media, images from magazines, toys, bits of trash, i heard old recordings & everything was the color of dirty flood waters. I saw angry peoples faces, anxiety, worry & fear. I could see all these things clearly....but with a veil between me and them. I wasn't moved by what I saw. I remember my mind trying to drag me into it....trying to plead with me to make judgments & have opinions. But I felt calm.....watching it all like a movie. I felt no need to participate or add commentary to the visions in the storm. 

I remember asking my inner voice (not my mind) what was I experiencing? The answer came quickly. You are experiencing "safety". My voice told me safety isn't something you experience outside the body. True safety is found inside of us. Its a state of being. It is in us all that can be called upon in any moment of life. We are always safe. We can always return & we are eternal. 

You are so loved!


The "U"

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