That which goes against your inner being is NOT Your TRUTH.

That which goes against your inner being is NOT Your TRUTH.

Change of the season. I love how nature reflects inward & outward....sometimes mirroring & sometimes the catalyst for change in our own inner being. The cool air that I was met with this morning, as I let the dogs out to potty, literally tickled & woke up every cell in my body. As if it was saying, "wake up! the new season has begun!". I was flooded with ideas, scents, possibilities, adventures & love. How can a few drops in temperature spark such a sensorial experience? I mean literally the air smells different, the trees look different, the animals behave differently. Its so magical. It immediately brings up feelings of PLAY. Like horses in a field running, jumping, bucking & farting at the first cool breeze of the fall season. Its Magic. Its as if everything is saying go play! Release your worries, release the stress, release all those mind made things & see what awaits you. Inspired by this I decided to ask my inner voice a question. 

Question(mind): Why are humans so affected by seasons?

Inner Voice: There is a long history here with humans & the natural world. In the past humans were very connected & sensitive to the earth on a conscious & unconscious level. Their survival depended on it. In this there was a high level of respect & deep understanding of how our being is part of the whole. Humans understood law of attraction even before it had the label "law of attraction". Humans followed their inner guides & elders (who had mastered this 'knowing'). When rain was law of attraction, people would raise the vibration & manifest rain through dance or prayer. Early humans understood that the earth reflected their needs & desires. The earth is part of the universe...the earth is a physical plane of manifestation. They could feel the timing in the season in much the same way animals know when a storm or winter was coming. The internal guides are always showing you the way. We, your inner voice, have never left you. We are always here if you seek us. When you feel the season change, you first feel it with the senses of your body. Not with your mind. When you feel through your senses, not with words or thought, you are experiencing life through your inner being......the non-physical part of you. This is where inspiration & joy come from. Any season & any weather can become a new pathway to your inner being. This is just another example of how the universe creates opportunity for you to connect to your inner being. There are no negative seasons or weather. The mind is what labels good or bad. Your inner being, non physical you, can always feel joy & excitement in any season, weather or condition. If you feel 'called' to play....then play. It is that simple. The mind makes excuses....but those aren't real....just perceived as truth. That which goes against your inner being is NOT your TRUTH.


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