The Human Experience Is A Journey Back To The Whole.

The Human Experience Is A Journey Back To The Whole.

The human experience is a journey back to the whole. We are a facet of source, of God, expressing itself in human form.

 The mind/ego is not an enemy. In the spiritual realm we do not experience contrast to love & peace.

Love & peace are the only ‘state’ of being in Source. In the spiritual realm there is no such thing as time, space or lack.

Mind/Ego is the vehicle in which we experience the opposite of: love, peace, time, space & lack.  The mind/ego is a necessary part of the human experience.

You are asking why? I asked too….. why would we want to experience the opposite of love & peace? The first step to answering this is to notice where the question is coming from….the mind/ego.

Your inner being will never ask why? Only mind/ego does that.

The mind/ego is the vehicle. This implies that there is a forward motion. A moving in a forward direction. This is its purpose. To move us on this journey in our human experience.

The mind/ego is the first manifestation. Let me explain.

Mind/ego is the ‘desiring’ aspect of all humans. Without it we would not want or propel forward. Remember that in the spiritual realm all is well. Therefore there is no desire.

To desire something is to say you are lacking something. In the spiritual realm there is no experience of lack. Desire is part of our human experience.

Desire is a shadow of what the mind/ego wants. The object of desire (shadow maker), is actually the want of: feeling whole, love & peace. It is a longing for your true state. Your spiritual state. Homesick for spiritual realm.

When we can understand this, we can see that all humans in this human experience are homesick. We are all desiring the wholeness of Source, God.

But why? Why would we come here. When we could ‘stay home’. Why journey through a human lifetime only to go back to where we first started?

I believe that we are here with this mind/ego, with each physical body, living each physical life on earth,  in order to learn to merge with our inner being. To become an enlightened expression of both the physical & non-physical. To transcend the mind/ego.

We create our reality (manifest) with the mind. Again, the mind/ego is a vehicle. It is what propels us forward. Stagnation on earth breeds disease.

Manifestations come from the alignment of: The thoughts + Emotions + Actions in harmony.  This can work for us in a positive way or a negative way. The choice is always ours. This is what free will looks like.

Manifestation is also a shadow. Everything we see in the physical realm is the shadow of ‘home’. The shadow maker is; the creation of a reality that feels like ‘home’ A.K.A heaven on earth.

Creating our reality is our unique sovereign being expressing itself. The first step to creating heaven on earth is to really, deeply understand that this IS YOUR creation. This life, this physical body you are in right now is your vehicle (your ride) to enlightenment. You are free to create the life you desire. Know this deeply.

Each one of our ‘vehicles’ is equipped with a compass. A navigation system that is unique to us.

Source energy, God is always with us. Our inner voice is a direct line to the truth, abundance, love & peace we are desiring.

We will have & do have everything we have ever wanted or desire in every moment of the NOW. -Inga Kervin

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