The Small Awakenings

Its the little things, the seemingly insignificant and repetitious happenings of the everyday that are opportunities for awakening. The washing of the dishes, the morning shower, the first sip of coffee, the first plunge into a new book, the way our clean shirt smells as we put it on, the flower that is about to open to the morning sun. So many tiny moments that we move through so quickly and without observation. To be asleep in the daylight hours of our working busy days. To be without substance in each hour....we let time slip through us like water. We worry and pity over things that don't make us happy, but somehow believe that our tears or sweat will make us happy in them. Nothing is to be acquired. Only to be. To exist so quietly and so still that we take in the magic and essence of  life in each tiny moment. That is to make time invaluable and obsolete. To be so AWAKE in each step of this life as it takes us on a journey of pure bliss and nirvana.

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