What I am interested in, in my life here on earth: We are two, Physical & Non-physical. I want to know my Non-Physical self more.

What I am interested in, in my life here on earth: We are two, Physical & Non-physical. I want to know my Non-Physical self more.

Microcosm: The definition of a microcosm is a small subset of a whole that is generally considered to be representative of the whole.

We can see & feel the connectedness of everything & all things in each moment of the day, if we choose. However it may be on a subconscious level. Connectedness is in us & everything in our reality, the awareness of it, however, has become automated….much like breathing. If something automated like our breathing just stopped…we would become panicked. Can you imagine? Your walking along and for no apparent reason your breathing just stopped. I would imagine after panicking you would try to remember how to breath again or maybe you would just suffocate because you had forgotten how to use this part of your physical body. After all it has been automatic since birth. This is also what loss of connectedness to ourselves & the world looks like. This may already be happening in you, in your life. Turmoil, misunderstanding, hate, separation, destruction, depression, stress, suicide, addictions, divorce, self hatred & much more. Can we remember how to get back into connectedness or would we just die like the example of breathing? Unable to remember how. Is this what happens to some people? It can seem that only when something profound or tragic happens ( loss of connectedness(extreme disorder in our life) or when breathing stops(near death experiences)) can we start the ‘awakening’ process….which is really just the process of re-remembering who we truly are as connected, loving beings of light here to grow & evolve past the ego/mind.

Click here for a great article on connection : https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/out-the-darkness/201611/connectedness


What I am interested in, in my life here on earth. Is to go deeper into the non-physical. I want to live more connected to my non-physical self….the part of me that is not rooted in the Ego/mind. I want to operate my life with the part of me that appreciates the sunrise & sunset, the part of me that intuitively knows when food has been cooked with love, the part of me that knows what my dog is feeling when I look into his eyes, the part of me that communicates through knowing & love, the part of me that experiences without thought or judgement, the part of me that can feel a storm by the smell of the air, the part of me that laughs & plays for no reason at all, the part of me that screams ‘no’ when asked to compromise what I truly want, the part of me that never dies, the part of me that has lived many lifetimes & with that has a pool of wisdom that surpasses this life, the part of me that bring experiences that match my vibration, the part of me that speaks to plants, the part of me that’s favorite color is green, the part of me that goes silent with appreciation when eating food that I adore, the part of me that loves a friend even when they don’t love themselves, the part of me that sees the mental stories…as just stories & not truth, the part of me that always knows the next step, the part of me that whispers for me to slow down, the part of me that is infinite & eternal. 

Watch this video for a mind blowing study into split brain......



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Allison, give yourself compassion. This is a hard season of your life right now…and that is okay. Flowers dont bloom all year round. The universe is giving you just what you need to grow & explore. Stress & having the contrast of what we dont want/feel creates new desires within us that feel better. This is who you are right now but not who you will be forever. You are loved, appreciated & worthy just as you are now. There is no timeline for your journey. We like to think of time as a real physical obstacle….but truth is that time does not exist on the non physical realm (spirit side of things). You are where you need to be. With your kids & as a caregiver. Find little moments in the day to do a page of appreciation…preferably when you first wake up or weave it into any moment you see an opening for yourself. Delegate when you can & above all else HAVE compassion for YOURSELF.


This was great. I strive to get there as well. I often have these very connected moments but they are easily washed away with the stress of life. Hope to hear more and more from you. This is lovely to see your journey. As for my life right now… My Dad was just diagnosed with stage 3 cancer… My kids are 5 and 6. We do all remote learning. I take care of both my parents. We have been so isolated since March when this all began. I have def lost myself in some ways… Ive gained immense amount of weight… Im unhappy but i do my very best for my kids. I just want so badly to get outside with them… Experience the world…but…Texas. So maybe you will have some good tips…some wisdom..some education… I love it tho. You are exactly where i was going a long time ago bf i got lost


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