What is Money? What is Vibration?

What is Money? What is Vibration?

Limiting Beliefs(mind): I am ashamed to want money. How is it that you can feel bad for not having money but also feel bad for wanting money all at the same time? How is it that we judge people with no money & people with lots of money, with the same contentment? Does wanting money make me any less good? Does wanting to be rich make me unauthentic or have ill intent? These are blocks to manifesting the life that I desire. These are some of the 'emotional bean bags' that keep me from my highest potential

Inner Voice: Money is opportunity because it allows us to make decisions based on alignment...making decisions based on alignment is high vibration living. Money is a conduit for alignment & freedom. The more money we have the higher the impact that can be made. Good people do good things with good money. When we are in alignment with our life and the contents in it....we can make the most impact on our people as well as the world. 

What is the definition of vibration & alignment? (mind asking inner voice)

Inner Voice: (came to me in image form...not words, so I will let the mind interpret)

A huge lake of all the energies swirling below the surface. Under the surface is chaos & movement...like electrical currents with no place to go. The top layer of lake is dark like obsidian, calm & serene (as if its patiently waiting somethings arrival). The top layer is in contrast to the white sky...it feels like balance. When a vibration underneath the water becomes ALIGNED it surfaces & causes a ripple to form. This then creates a domino of ripples...unfolding wider spread ripples as it moves through the surface of the lake & to the outer edges. The shore of the lake is lined with dull gray rocks....but when the movement below the surface becomes aligned, it creates a vibration that hits the surface creating the ripples that move towards the bank, the rocks (hit with the water from the ripple) become bright, colorful, energetic & glossy with purpose from the wetting of the ripple. This one vibration in alignment has the ability to touch infinite number of rocks with one point of impact. Without this Vibration & Alignment we would never see the full potential of those rocks & all the color brought to the shoreline.


You are so loved!

The "U"

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