What is truth?

What is truth?

What is truth? All truths exists within the whole. No two truths are the same. Truths are as infinite as we are.The way we experience life is as unique and individual as we are. I could never experience anything the same as you.....or even experience the same thing twice, even when seemingly identical. Each experience is as sovereign as we are.

There is a deep knowing in each of us that feels this. Your inner voice knows this. We can understand on some level that we are having this unique experience....however the mind clouds us with judgment. When we observe the  minds commentary we forget that others truths are their own. The mind expects there to be a right & a wrong. The mind is black & white. The mind is contingent to a fault. If the mind feels "right" then someone else is made "wrong". We judge, criticize & compare. We lose ourselves to the Ego. We lose compassion & we lose the vibration of the inner voice to the noise of the mind. We lose connection to what is immortal...LOVE.

Purest form of connection is sharing individual truth. To have connection is a dance of souls. To be in presence with another person is to sit with their inner voice & yours. To speak each individual truth with love & respect....to see the seamless thread that connects all of humanity. The TRUTH is LOVE. 

Morning talks with my inner voice.


You are so loved!

The "U"

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