Meet Your Facilitators

Inga Howard

Brenten Howard

Sarah Harrell

Monday Evenings 7:00pm & Saturdays 8:00am

Bring yoga mat (we do have community mats)

Bring Towel, Water Bottle, Essential oils.

Classes are offered at an intermediate level with modifications provided for beginner and advanced students.

Each class will integrate the unblocking and alignment of the chakras. Transmuting dense energies through movement and yoga Nidra. 

Sarah Harrell has been a 200 hour registered yoga instructor (RYT) since 2011. She is currently working towards her 500 hour (RYT).

Sarah developed her love of yoga as a teenager living in her home town of Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada where she is originally from.

She has studied a variety of schools of yoga and integrates her ability to channel in her offerings, creating a healing and transformative experience for her students.

Daniel Warren

Daniel is a  Professional Athlete, Nutritionist and Autism Awareness Activist.

Science Savage is his handcrafted line of supplements, with a degree in nutritional science.

Personal Trainer in Yoga, TRX, Qi Gong and distance running.

Daniel has a confidence coaching system and leader of the Brazoria County Running Community as well as founder of IntrovertYoga Socials

Yoga Flow

Wednesday's 8:30am

Thursday's 5:45pm

Friday's 8:30am

Bring yoga mat (we do have community mats)

Bring Towel, Water Bottle, Essential oils.

Nikki Conner

Nicki’s Spiritual mission is to guide others to connect with the Divine within on a deeper level, understanding more and more how powerful and capable we are to bring about healing to our own bodies, minds and emotions.

Passionate about guiding her clients through releasing stuck emotions and past trauma in the body, Nicki utilizes essential oils, herbs & plant medicine, light and sound therapy, vitaflex, and the raindrop technique.

Empowering others with the knowledge and tools to heal themselves is her life’s purpose.


Faith Duncan

“Transformational Breath® is a unique form of breathwork that can help transform negative patterns by allowing one to access and integrate emotional and physical trauma stored in the body. 


Utilizing a connected diaphragmatic breath, (deep inhale, relaxed exhale, no pauses), as well as affirmations, focused intention, accupressure for somatic integration and sound vibration technique, or toning,  facilitates physical, mental/emotional and spiritual well-being. 


On the physical level, full, connected diaphragmatic breathing has been shown to lower blood pressure, improve heart health, reduce stress and anxiety, boost immunity and increase energy levels. 


On a spiritual level, full, conscious, connected diaphragmatic breathing can help to connect us with our higher selves and tap into expanded awareness. It is a powerful tool for self-healing and personal transformation.”